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Prescott Bottling is a fourth-generation family business started in 1929. The Prescott family came into the bottling business when a family member working for Chattanooga's Seminole Flavoring Co. came up with a recipe for a new cola which became Double Cola.
Raymond L. Prescott, Sr. managed the Nashville Double Cola operation for several years before coming to Tullahoma with his 3 sons, Raymond Jr, Fred and Sam, to set up operations.
Raymond L. Prescott, Jr. became a senior partner in 1945 and his son, David, became sole owner in 1971.  When he took over, he made the decision to concentrate on Sundrop.

Sun Drop was launched regionally in 1951, and developed a passionate following, creating generations of deeply loyal Sun Drop drinkers who knew a good thing when they drank it. Now, the days of smuggling Sun Drop across state lines are over. 2011 marked the year that Sun Drop became available nationwide.
Prescott Bottling has been an active member of the Tullahoma business community for decades, involved in sponsoring local sporting teams and special events, and providing the well-loved soft drink Sundrop and others to a loyal and dedicated customer base.  

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