Business of the Week

Business of the Week

Congratulations to the Business of the Week

July 15-19


The Celtic Cup Coffee House

our Business of the Week
sponsored by Chick-Fil-A Tullahoma.

They been supporting the Chamber since 2009! Thank you for your support.

Personal Information

  1. Name Denise & Chris Smith
  2. Position and time in this role Owner/ Manager
  3. Responsibilities To over see all aspects of the business
  4. History and/or experiences with current company We built this business from a burnt out building. Denise was on site almost every day of construction, over seeing the work crews as well as working on site.
  5. Previous employment and other relevant experiences Chris and Denise are both veterans of the armed services. Chris served almost 25 years in the USAF and Denise served in the Ohio Air National Guard and the Air Force Reserves, in Inventory Management & Services (Food Service & Hospitality)


Chamber Information

  1. Have you hosted any Chamber events? We will co-host the August 2019 Coffee
  2. Sponsoring/ Volunteering at Chamber events
  3. Have you sponsored any Chamber events? We will co-host the August 2019 Coffee
  4. Have you and/or your staff volunteer to help with any Chamber events? We have been involved in many of the Chamber sponsored events and community over the years (since 2009)


  1. Ambassadors/Board Members
  2. Do you have a staff member participating in our Ambassador program? No
  3. Do you have a staff member serving on the Chamber’s Board of Directors? No

Business Information

  1. Establishment
  2. When was your business/organization established? Although we purchased the property in February of 2007 we did not start the construction until October of 2008 and we Opened March 17 2009.
  3. How/why were you established? We wanted to give the community a place where they could relax and enjoy each other’s company as well as our great food and beverages.


  1. Who was involved? This was the dream of Chris & Denise Smith for almost 8 years before they opened.
  2. If your products and services have changed over the years, what products and services did you begin with? When we first opened we focused on providing the highest quality coffee and Espresso beverages. We sourced wonderful coffees from top-notched roasters. We added to that a small menu of Panini sandwiches and baked goods.
  3. What are your current products and/or services? We still have the best coffees and Espresso beverages and we still use the top quality meats and cheeses for our Panini but over the years we have increased our “made in house” items. We now make all our Scones, Biscotti, Shortbread, soups and so many other items on our menu, all form scratch. We are also about to add to our menu with all new items, all prepared from scratch in house. We also have All Natural SmartFruit Smoothies, Frappés, Ice Tea, Hot Teas, and a huge selection of Specialty Coffee Beverages.

                                    We also provide tours to Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales… and now Iceland and Italy!


  1. Management and Staff
  2. Who is/are your staff?


  1. Is there a new employee and/or staff member(s) you would like to highlight? I’d like to say a special thanks to Ms. Karen Wilder who has been our cook since 2012. Ms. Karen recently retired after taking great care in training our new cook and she still makes herself available for consulting and training as needed.


  1. Are there any special certifications and/or accreditations your staff holds? Chris and Denise were both trained at the American Barista and Coffee School in Portland Oregon. All the barista at The Celtic Cup are trained using the ABC’s methods to insure the highest quality of espresso extraction.


  1. Have you received any awards, acknowledgements, etc.? Keep Coffee County Beautiful Award, the Chamber’s Extra Miler Award, Tullahoma News Tullahoma’s Finest 2010 (last time they included coffee shops / cafes on the list), People’s Choice award for our Nutty Apple Jack Cake , Taste of Lynchburg, 2012, just to name a few.


  1. Recent Developments and Upcoming Events
  2. Are there any changes and/or additions coming soon? We are about to roll out several new Celtic food items! We are adding an Irish Rarebit, Irish BLT, Celtic Chef Salad and our popular Scotch Eggs will be a regularly available item. In the Fall of 2019 we have plans for a few more new items!


  1. Do you have any upcoming events/activities? We host live music on Saturday nights from 6pm to 9pm. We also host “Teatime” each day fro 2-4pm (reservations required) and from September - April we have Themed Tea Events in our upstairs Gathering Room (reservations required).


  1. Other Community involvement
  2. Affiliations with local businesses, schools and/or non-profits/civic groups?

                                                      We are home to the Highland Rim Scottish Society and the

                                                      Highland Rim Tatters (lace guild),

                                                      We also host various support groups and study groups. The Celtic Cup Coffee                                                        house is “More Than Just Coffee” we have been part of the community for over                                                                  10 years!

  1. Do you accept and/or require volunteers, donations, sponsors, etc. for any events and/or activities? As host location for the Highland Rim Scottish Society’s “Piping On The Green” we help them find sponsors, volunteers and donations for their event.

Contact Us

  1. What method(s) are best for the public to get in touch with you?
  2. Who is the primary person to contact? Denise Smith
  3. What is your primary source of communication with the public?
  4. Website:
  5. Facebook:
  6. Twitter:
  7. Instagram: #TheCelticCup , #WhatsUpAtTheCup, #CelticCup

Please feel free to add any other information you would like. We will use this material for the interview and will review prior. Thank you for your membership and taking the time to complete this questionnaire. Congratulations on being the Tullahoma Area Chamber of Commerce’s Business of the Week!

Our Motto is "Great Coffee--Great Company--Great Community!"

The Celtic Cup Coffee House “Serving Specialty Coffees, Teas, Ales and Cuisine in an Auld World Atmosphere!”

Please let me know if you have any questions and/or concerns. Thank you!


The Tullahoma Area Chamber of Commerce Staff