Business of the Week

Business of the Week

Congratulations to the Business of the Week

February 18th- 22nd

Castle Dental


2111 N. Jackson St., Suite 9

Tullahoma, TN 37388

 our Business of the Week
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Dentistry is designed to help you keep your beautiful smile healthy. However we understand how overwhelming and confusing dental treatments can be. We want to ensure patients stay informed as possible so refer to the general, specialty and cosmetic dental care to learn more about all of the dental services and treatments available to you all before you step foot in the dental office!


Teeth alignment can improve a person's smile and self-esteem! We know that committing to braces or additional forms of orthodontic work can be a huge step. Our orthodontic and braces page is designed to inform patients about the most common orthodontic questions and concerns. Our goal is to give you Straight Talk about braces!


We know injury to your teeth or gumline can be painful. But did you know that these injuries can lead to long term damage? Our dental emergencies page details the most common dental emergencies to arm you with what to do in an emergency. Staying informed about dental emergencies can help you prevent long lasting damage to your smile. Our dental providers are standing by to ensure you get the dental care you need!


Whether you are a new dental patient or a long standing patient you are bound to have a question or two regarding your next dental visit. Our knowledgeable dental staff is always here to answer your dental questions. However, we've put together a handy dental FAQ page to ensure that the most popular dental inquiries are answered for you before you visit us.


Finding yourself confused from the what all the dental terms mean? We are here to make your next dental experience as comfortable as possible. From Abutments to Xerostomia, we provide you with dental term definitions to ensure that you are informed for your next dental visit. You won't have to look any further than our handy dental term guide.