Tullahoma Ranks One of the Best Commuting TN Cities

Tullahoma Ranks One of the Best Commuting TN Cities

September 14, 2016
Press Release from: Michelle Johnson, External Communications Director

The average time for commuting in the Volunteer State is 24.3 minutes, which is just under the national average of 25.4. That means that even some of the worst commuter cities in Tennessee don’t look too bad compared to some other major metropolitan areas in the U.S.

The best 15 cities for commuting in Tennessee average 18.5 minutes, and 85% of workers can get to their jobs in under 30 minutes. We think that’s pretty impressive, which is why we wanted to highlight these top performers.

To prepare these rankings, we pulled data from a U.S. Census Bureau 2013 survey (the most recent). We identified cities with 3,000 or more residents at the time of the survey.

Tullahoma, Tennessee ranks #15.

Rounding out the list of best commuter cities is Tullahoma, with a 20-minute average commute time. Tullahoma has a rich history, and it was founded in 1852 with a name derived from the Choctaw native language, meaning “red rock.”

Like nearly all of the cities on the list, Tullahoma is a good place to live, thanks to a low cost of living, vibrant recreation and sites, and strong industries.

Why should you care about commute times? Aside from long drives to and from work being annoying, they can actually lead to higher insurance rates. On the flip side, shorter commutes can save you stress and could actually save you money on your car insurance.

It could benefit you to learn the best commuter cities in Tennessee. Finding ways to shorten your commute can improve your life and put money back in your wallet.

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